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About us

The St. Petersburg Center of Postgraduate Medical Education was established in 1988. Our educational organization has more than 30 years of experience in the field of postgraduate nursing education. Educational programs are practice-oriented and built on a modular basis, with the inclusion of training modules in all aspects of practical activities. The main educational aim is to improve already existing and develop new professional competencies. We currently apply considerable resources in ensuring the quality of medical personnel training through the implementation of simulation and case study technologies.

Since its establishment, the St. Petersburg Center has been successfully cooperating with a number of universities and medical institutions of North America (participating in projects of American International Health Alien, Russian-Canadian Nursing Initiative), Europe and Asia on programs that include a broad range of issues of development, integration, and improvement of nursing education.

The Russian-American Partnership for the Development of Nursing Care and Education has been actively pursued for more than 15 years, the result of this partnership was implementation of new model of nursing care with delegating some of the competences of the physicians to highly educated and qualified nursing staff of the Mini-Hospital created on the basis of the L. G. Sokolov Memorial Hospital No. 122 and participation in the initiates of the International Nursing Institute, Sigma Theta Tau International and Global Education Nursing Initiative.

Recently the international cooperation is focused on organization of joint educational programs aimed at studying the nursing care delivery systems in medical and preventive treatment facilities in the EU countries as well as the methods and algorithms of nursing care in the clinics of Europe with its adaptation for the needs of medical and preventive treatment facilities in Russian clinics.

Annually the St. Petersburg Center of Postgraduate Medical Education holds more than 150 training programs for over 3000 students from St. Petersburg and all over Russia.

We offer postgraduate education programs in different forms of education like seminars, workshops, trainings for head and chief nurses, clinical nurses of all specialties, physicians, faculty of educational institutions and other medical staff.

On a regular base our institution welcomes representatives of foreign universities, professional associations and healthcare organizations from the United States, Japan, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Sweden and other countries. We arrange programs of experience exchange, workshops with partners in Finland (Savonia, Metropolia and XAMK Universities of Applied Sciences) and Kazakhstan (educational instituions).

Annually we take part in international congresses arranged by ICN, IARMM, EWMA, EORNA and many other world-class events.

The St. Petersburg Center of Postgraduate Medical Education welcomes international cooperation and we look forward to continue developing networking opportunities and to share experiences.

One of our activities is development of educational tourism in St. Petersburg. We are constantly looking for partners for the realization of educational travel programs in health care, professional education of health care providers and development of new methods of education.

Non-resident students and our guests have an opportunity to have a full accommodation and feeding in a comfortable hotel «Lel» (www. hotel-lel. ru) of the St. Petersburg Center of Postgraduate Medical Education with all necessary facilities.


Address: Russia, Saint Petersburg Lunacharskogo av., 41
Phone: 8 (812) 559-96-73, 8 (812) 558-98-10, 8 (812) 559-19-25
Email: marketing@spbcpo.ru , office@spbcpo.ru